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Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel Preferred Hotel

Creativity on South Beach

Art lovers and culture enthusiasts, make your way to Miami Beach for a world-class art fair during Art Week. Every December, Miami Beach becomes a stage for Modern and contemporary art with over 250 galleries during a week-long art showcase. Pop-up collection visits, outdoor exhibitions, and exciting once-a-year events take over South Beach and the Miami Design District. Our very own Kimpton Surfcomber houses Art Basel incorporated events throughout this week every year.

About the event +

From Eden to Sahara’s grand kickoff event, on Wednesday, December 4 (5-10pm), will be one of the hottest tickets during Art Basel 2019, offering guests a chance to interact with the local Miami creative community and see one of the largest collections of Miami art and design on display this year. This evening soirée in the stylish environs of Surfcomber’s lobby and outdoor area is open-to-the-public and will feature a fashion exhibit, pop-up shops, popular Miami DJs, Sean Bang and Benton, art performances by Forealism, wearing ocean inspired costume designs, live mannequins sporting fashion pieces made from recycled pieces by participating artists, Lucinda Linderman and Kim Yantis, and much more. The food and beverage served throughout the event will perfectly complement the art, with vegetarian and organic hors d’oeurves and rich wine selections provided by Rioja Wines.

About the installation +

Titled “From Eden to Sahara,” this group exhibition takes its name from a 1920’s book written by American Botanist John Kunkel Small, during his many botanical research expeditions in Florida with agricultural businessman Charles Deering and plant explorer David Fairchild. During these adventures, Small explored and photographed thousands of miles of Florida’s natural habitat. The works chosen for this exhibition, created by a group of local yet eclectic artists, authentically reflect and modernize the themes explored in Small’s ‘From Eden to Sahara’ book. Every piece in this exhibition was thoughtfully created utilizing nature either as its main focal point, material or process. Ranging from gravity to depictions of mangroves, each piece in this show has been carefully curated and selected for its use of natural elements that pay homage to Small’s literary masterpiece.

Featured Artists +

From Eden to Sahara highlights include:

  • Christina Pettersson – Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Christina Pettersson has lived in Miami for most of her life. She’ll be transforming Surfcomber’s lobby bookshelves with her masterpieces made with recovered materials from Miami’s shoreline.
  • Sarah Michelle Rupert – Sarah’s Miami Is Sinking series of collages presents a powerful vision of global warming and its effects on Miami. “Miami is sinking, and we keep building,” Sarah says. “Collage buildings sourced from luxury condo advertisements and renderings of not yet built buildings.”
  • Fashion Evolved – Curated by The UpCycle Project, Fashion Evolved unites internationally recognized designers to display one-of-a-kind pieces UpCycled from unconventional materials.
  • Lucinda Linderman – Miami-based sculptor, Lucinda Linderman, collects industrial and post-consumer packaging, which becomes the building blocks of her striking works. “This material, disregarded by many, has its own history of travel from factory to store, being created to be thrown away,” she says. “I highlight the inherent value, leaving traces of what was, transforming the material into something new and playful through my hands, adding value to these discarded materials."
  • Young at Art Museum – Miami’s youth-centric art museum, Young at Art, has recruited some of its most talented young designers to display fashion pieces made from recycled materials.
  • Juan Raul Hoyos – Colombia native photographer and artist, Juan Raul Hoyos, currently resides in Miami’s art-centric neighborhood, Wynwood from which he draws inspiration for much of his work. He’ll be showcasing impactful painted sculptures made from discarded mattresses found throughout Miami after Hurricane Irma’s floods, eluding to the devastation that natural disasters cause humanity.

Other notable local Miami artists that will be showcasing their nature-inspired pieces in this amazing exhibition include Caleb Hughes, Gary Fonseca, Mario M. Gonzalez, Elysa D. Batista, Karelle Levy, Jason Hedges, Marlon Pruz, Robert Chambers, Noah Levy, Oliver Sanchez, Magnus Sodamin, Justin Long, Derek Hunter, Color Palm, Phillip Karp, Keith Holamon, Disney Nasa Borg and Leandro Vasquez.