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UNREVEALED – Exclusive Multi-Day Event

Miami Art Week 2021

Creativity on South Beach

December 1 - December 5

Unrevealed Logo

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In a special collaboration with Bellwether Culture and UZO Media Productions, we launched UNREVEALED, a multi-day event that took place during Miami Art Week at our hotel.

UNREVEALVED featured art from world-renowned artists and local legends alike, with art experiences led by: Daniella Wicki, Matt Chessco, Xhaguar, MS Frais, Redd King, Katherine Udu, Painted Prophet, Liliette Ferro, Babbu the Painter, just to name a few. 


Nrvld was a b2b campus at Miami art week 2021 that fostered connections and education while providing unique art, music, and nightlife surprises. It was an approachable environment to learn, strategize and collaborate on nft's. As a community of helpful insiders, our goal was to make ourselves available for who wanted to get involved.

About UZO Media Productions +

We are Award-Winning Business Professionals, Designers & Photographers. We can design anything from a sophisticated logo to a luxury mansion to activations during the Super Bowl. We work in any capacity as our team collectively has more than 50+ years of combined professional experience.

About Bellwether Culture +

Bellwether Culture is a Full Service, Hybrid Events & Creative Content agency. We provide end-to-end creative, strategic, production, post-production service for brands, creators, and events seeking to push culture forward and build community.