Live Like A Local
Live Like A Local
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Things to Do in Miami – Local Tips from the Staff at Surfcomber Hotel

Getting off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems is one of the wonders of travel. But how do you find those special places? Ask a local. Surfcomber Miami helps you make the most of your Miami Beach stay by sharing our staff's favorite picks and insider tips.

We asked our intrepid staff: If you had only two days in Miami Beach, what would you do? Take a peek, have some fun and Live Like a Local.

Michelle Colbertado

Michelle Colbertado

Director of Guest Experience

  • This French gem, La Gloutonnerie, located south of 5th, has one of the best happy hours, an authentic menu, perfect atmosphere and excellent brunch.

  • JugoFresh is a cold-press juice, smoothie and organic raw food bar located on Purdy Ave. Be sure to try their acai bowl!

Gillian Wrightson

Gillian Wrightson

Banquet Supervisor

  • If you want to end the night dancing- stop by Yuca Lounge! They have Salsa dance lessons on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8:30pm. 
  • Hit up Fritz's on Washington Avenue and rent yourself a long board (skate board) and cruise the boardwalk on the infamous Ocean Drive.

For more information about any of these suggestions and additional favorites, contact Surfcomber's Concierge at (305) 532-7715

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